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    1. Providing you with information about job offers and employment opportunities, and services related thereto (including providing the personal information to subsidiaries of RGF for the purpose of job offers and employment opportunities, and services related thereto);
    2. Hearing opinions or requests aimed at improving our service and confirmation of your situation after employment;
    3. Advising and proposing recruitment planning for the companies seeking workers;
    4. Managing inquiries, consultations and complaints, and/or resolving disputes; and
    5. Any other reasons as determined by RGF at its sole discretion.
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    1. Disclosure or provision of personal information is required by law or regulations or under any other legal obligation;
    2. Disclosure of personal information is necessary for protection of life or property where obtaining your consent is difficult;
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    4. Disclosure of personal information is deemed necessary by RGF.
  3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, RGF may disclose personal information to any entity to whom RGF outsources the whole or a part of the service when it is necessary.
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